ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation – It’s a Lunchtime Procedure

Rejuvenate Your Body Naturally

ThermiVa- ThermiTreatmentsThermiVa is the nonsurgical solution to vaginal rejuvenation that women have been waiting for! This procedure uses radio frequency to apply heat to the vulvovaginal area, improving labial laxity with the possibility of treating both stress incontinence and vaginal dryness.

The primary benefit of this procedure is that there is no downtime whatsoever. Patients can leave the office and continue with their day following their ThermiVa treatment. Surgical options for vaginal reconstruction and tightening can take months for full healing and may cause discomfort for an extended amount of time. Now, women can take full control of their bodies with immediate results and satisfaction.

ThermiVa Restores: Atrophic Vaginitis

Vaginal inflammation (atrophic vaginitis) is caused by the thinning and shrinking of vaginal tissues and decreased lubrication, usually as a result of low estrogen production. Most commonly, this condition is caused by menopause, but also may be a result of breast-feeding or some birth control that may affect estrogen levels in the body. ThermiVa restores hormone production and vaginal lubrication, treating atrophic vaginitis and giving you back your normal vaginal function. This treatment may eliminate your need for additional medication, providing a natural way to restore your vaginal health.

Contact Dr. Kashyap and schedule your consultation today. Phone +91-9958221983

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap is here to help you decide whether ThermiVa will be right for you. All procedures are performed at the MedSpa Clinic in Delhi, India.

ThermiVa FAQ’s

Is ThermiVa safe?

Yes! ThermiVa uses temperature-controlled radio-frequency, which has been clinically tested and proven safe and effective.

Is the procedure painful?

Patients report mild to absolutely no pain during the ThermiVa procedure.

How much downtime/recovery should I prepare for?

None at all! ThermiVa patients may return immediately to the rest of their daily activities, often even back to work within the same hour.

How long does the procedure last?

Depending on your case and the size of the area being treated, ThermiVa treatments usually last 15-30 minutes. It is truly a lunchtime procedure, with no recovery period!

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