ThermiTight is the nonsurgical solution to skin laxity that men and women have been waiting for. The treatment uses thermal energy beneath the skin to cause immediate shrinking of the skin and fat cells, rejuvenating your skin on any part of the body. This procedure provides you with instant results with only one treatment and no pain or downtime! Too good to be true? Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, trusted plastic surgeon in Delhi, India, is now offering ThermiTight, a new, non-invasive solution for skin laxity and aging. It is a unique aesthetic procedure that uses thermal energy to achieve skin tightening and treat the signs of aging with no downtime.

Dr. Kashyap is dedicated to offering you the best care, comfort and quality results. He provides his patients with the newest technology for treatments to ensure satisfaction, reduce downtime and remain at the top of his field. You will receive personalized care from Dr. Kashyap and his team for your ThermiTight treatment from consultation through post-procedural care. He and his team are committed to building your trust and giving you the results you dream of.

Dr. Kashyap insists that his strong academic credentials would not matter if not for the satisfaction of his patients. He is known for welcoming his patients like family and giving special care to each patient he sees. He will work with you to create a plan for your ThermiTight treatment and make sure you understand the procedure and receive the look you desire!

What is ThermiTight?

ThermiTight is the nonsurgical solution to skin laxity that men and women have been waiting for. The treatment uses thermal energy beneath the skin to cause tightening of skin and shrinking of fat, rejuvenating your skin on any part of the body. This procedure provides you with significant results with only one treatment with minimal pain or downtime! Too good to be true? Visit us at Thermitreatments.com and learn what ThermiTight can do for you.

The procedure is fairly simple: Dr. Ajaya Kashyap will insert a thermal energy probe beneath the top layer of skin. The heat emitted by this device immediately begins to shrink the skin and tighten the treated area. ThermiTight results are durable and usually last several years before usual signs of aging begin to return.

Unlike liposuction or tummy tuck surgeries ThermiTight has no significant downtime. Patients can leave the office and return to their daily errands. ThermiTight is also safe to use on any and all problem areas, including the face and neck, lower abdomen, back, arms and inner thighs. Dr. Kashyap will work with you to determine if ThermiTight is your best option for treatment.

ThermiTight is most beneficial for men and women who do not want the downtime and expense of surgery. Many patients do not have time for recovery or do not want to take the risks that come with many surgical procedures. ThermiTight provides these patients with a solution that has proven results and can give them the same confidence without scars or weeks off of work.

ThermiTight treatment is a solution for skin restoration on the entire body, especially the problem areas of the face and neck. Many men and women suffer from skin laxity in the face due to aging, leading to loss of confidence and poise. For so long, surgery was the only way to treat this inevitable component of aging, and liposuction still requires incisions, anesthesia and recovery. ThermiTight takes the hassle, energy and stress out of the anti-aging procedure and allows you to continue on with your day, only with restored poise and youth!

Heat applied during the ThermiTight procedure is intended to remodel collagen in the face and tighten the skin to improve laxity and reduce wrinkles. In this way, ThermiTight gives you more precise control over how you want to look, so the procedure is fully customizable based on each patient’s current condition and desired results.

ThermiTight is safe to use under many conditions, including before or after pregnancy. Because the makeup of your skin is not changing and no foreign chemicals are being added to your existing shape, the skin will continue to react naturally to aging, pregnancy, medication or other conditions. One ThermiTight treatment generally lasts several years, but loose areas may need to be retreated as the aging process continues over the years.


ThermiTight Completes Your Weight Loss Transformation

ThermiTight is not only effective in treating the signs of aging, but also in sealing the results of your weight loss. Often in the case of weight loss, patients experience laxity in the skin that was once tight around stored fat. With the loss of this fat, the skin has nothing to cling to and will remain this way if not tightened. The condition only worsens with time and age.

ThermiTight gives patients a reliable solution to skin tightening in a safe way. The thermal energy applied beneath the skin allows it to shrink and contour to your new shape. You can finally see the results of your hard work and take pride in your new appearance.

ThermiTight has given confidence back to so many patients, whether significant weight loss or merely common signs of aging caused their skin laxity. Give yourself the opportunity to regain the confidence you deserve.


Is ThermiTight safe?
Yes! ThermiTight uses thermal energy, which has been clinically tested and proven safe and effective.

Is the procedure painful?
Local anesthetic is used during ThermiTight treatments, so some patients experience mild discomfort during this injection. However, following the anesthetic there is no pain associated with the procedure. Warmth is the only sensation patients report throughout the process.

How much downtime/recovery should I prepare for?
Minimal. ThermiTight patients may experience slight swelling or redness and mild soreness that will subside over the next couple of days.

When will I see results
ThermiTight results can be seen within weeks of the procedure and improve over the next several months.

How long does the procedure take?
Depending on your case and the size of the area being treated, ThermiTight treatments can usually be completed in about an hour. It is truly a lunchtime procedure; add it to your to-do list!

How should I prepare for my procedure?
No need to prepare, except for your great results!

Is this like a laser treatment?
No- there is no laser light or heat applied during ThermiTight; the thermal energy technology allows for little pain and a more natural procedure.

Will I be under any anesthesia?
Yes- local anesthesia is typically used during ThermiTight treatment.

How long do results last?
Typically, ThermiTight results last several years, until natural aging changes are again seen in the treated area. It is safe to return for a touch-up treatment at this time.

Contact Medspa Clinic to find out more about our ThermiRase procedure today at +91-9958221983.

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