The “Neck’s Best Thing”


Neck lines got you down? Find your solution with ThermiTight™!

Many men and women complain about weak definition around the neck and jawline. Whether you are 25 or 50 years old, these weaknesses are caused by a number of things that we have no control over such as hereditary factors, aging, or even weight gain. If this sounds like you, then we have the perfect solution – ThermiTight™!

ThermiTight™ is a revolutionary procedure that is the next best thing to a surgical neck lift. Our own Ajaya Kashyap, M.D performs this minimally-invasive contouring treatment, which destroys unwanted fat cells while tightening your skin, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance with a procedure that takes less than an hour.

The ThermiTight™ treatment is performed using local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. A small probe is inserted through a small needle stick to penetrate into the layers of skin, fibrous connective tissue, and fat. This probe is then heated with radio-frequency energy to destroy unwanted fat cells while tightening the fibrous connective tissue and promoting the formation of new collagen.

Once you’re done with the procedure, you can leave our practice wearing a compression garment, which you wear for two days and then at night for the remainder of the week to decrease swelling. Over the coming weeks and months, the results will become increasingly apparent.

Alternative treatments such as CoolSculpting™ and Kybella™ are limited to the area under the chin and can be more expensive depending on the number of treatments required. They do not achieve the level of skin tightening and jaw line definition achieved with ThermiTight™.

If you are looking for the “neck’s best thing” to a surgical neck lift or are concerned about a drooping chin, then ThermiTight™ is your solution!

Want to learn more? Schedule your FREE consultation with Medspa by calling (+91) 9958221983 or learn more about us, our procedures, and our team at!


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