Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Underarm Sweat with ThermiDry®


Hyperhidrosis is a condition where an excessive amount of sweat is produced by the body. The sweat glands produce significantly more sweat than is required to regulate the body’s temperature. While this condition is harmless by itself, it can cause situations where your clothes have embarrassing wet patches, and it can foster the growth of bacteria responsible for creating unpleasant odors.

There are a number of treatments that can help reduce the amount of sweat your glands produce under your arms, but many of these are only temporary solutions. Injections like BOTOX®, while potentially effective, may be required on a weekly or monthly basis in severe cases of hyperhidrosis.

ThermiDry® exists as a viable alternative to these treatments. It utilizes the power of radiofrequency ablation to permanently cause changes in the sweat glands. This can lead to prolonged relief from excess underarm sweat.

How Does ThermiDry® Work?

ThermiDry® utilizes radiofrequency waves to induce changes in target cells. These radio waves pass harmlessly through healthy tissue, such as skin and fat. They change only when they reach cells with a certain target density, which in turn causes the radio waves to transform into heat.

Once these waves transform into heat, they begin to affect the target cells. This ultimately causes the sweat glands to produce a diminished amount of sweat. Nearby cells are left unaffected, which in turn frees the patient from undesirable side effects, like scarring or pigmentation changes.

ThermiDry® Compared to Other Treatments

Injectable treatments rely upon interrupting the flow of neural impulses and chemical messengers responsible for invoking the sweating response. While this can be effective in minor cases of hyperhidrosis, more severe cases will erode these treatments at a rate that may require repeat treatments. BOTOX® is an example of this. It interrupts the flow of neural impulses to the cells, but the amount of movement involved with the underlying muscle tissue tends to promote more blood flow, which in turn forces BOTOX® to be more of a temporary fix.

Another difference between ThermiDry® and other treatments is the time involved to undergo treatment. ThermiDry® can be completed in just one hour-long session, but other treatments may require twenty minutes with several treatment sessions each year.

The last major difference between ThermiDry® and other treatments pertains to the minimal discomfort patients tend to experience. ThermiDry® generally causes a very mild warming sensation, and does not require any type of strong anesthetic.

Stop Your Underarm Sweat

While sweating is a normal part of cooling your body, it should not be something that interferes with your daily life. It should be something that helps your body stay healthy and keeps you comfortable when your surroundings are too hot.

For more information on how ThermiDry® can provide long-term relief from excessive sweating, set up a consultation at Dr. Ajaya Kashyap in Delhi, India. We can evaluate your unique needs, which will allow us to draft an effective, personalized treatment plan. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

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