ThermiVa: The New Non Surgical Treatment for Feminine Rejuvenation

Thermiva Treatments

There is a rapidly growing interest in a relatively new field of cosmetic surgery known by a variety of names: vaginal rejuvenation, cosmetic gynecology, or feminine rejuvenation. Specifically, this field encompasses procedures that are designed to enhance the aesthetics of the female external genitalia, improve vaginal laxity. Up until now, these procedures were strictly surgical. Now a new procedure, known as ThermiVA can treat a variety of feminine aesthetic and functional concerns effectively, without surgery and no down time.

How to Thermiva WorkThe ThermiVA treatment consists of applying a specially designed probe that gently heats the area to be treated by radiofrequency energy. The treatment is absolutely painless, takes about thirty minutes, and has no downtime whatsoever. Patients see results in as little as two weeks. Three treatments one month apart are recommended with an annual “refresher” treatment.

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, a cosmetic surgeon and medical director of Medspa in Delhi, India has trained in the ThermiVA procedure and now provides it for his patients. Pelvic structures stretched out of place by pregnancy and gravity respond exceedingly well to the radiofrequency-generated heat by tightening, restoring them to a more normal functional and aesthetically pleasing position. And all this is achieved without surgery, without pain, and without any downtime.

“For example, before ThermiVa”, Dr. Kashyap continues, “Women who were prone to leak urine when they coughed, sneezed or exercised, or were plagued with urinary frequency had two choices: medications, with its all too often unpleasant side effects or surgery. Now in thirty minutes, these problems can be substantially improved for many women with this painless procedure. And those with uncomfortable vaginal dryness are seeing a wonderful increase in their natural lubrication from ThermiVA. This remarkable and innovative treatment is truly a step forward in feminine rejuvenation.”

Further information Check Befor-After Pictures and Video Tesimonial

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